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Living your best life as a stallholder

Amber last week shared with us her tips on applying for markets, and now I’m here (it’s Sara, hi!) to share my tips on what’s next if your application is successful.

Let us know you’re coming!

Whilst we loooooooove what we do, organising a market can get a little stressful and the biggest stressor can be not hearing back once we offer someone a spot and not knowing if you’re still coming along . If you can’t make it anymore or have changed your mind we’ll need to replace you, and we’re conscious of giving other makers as much notice as possible. So even if you can’t pay immediately, just send us a lil acknowledgement that you’re still peachy keen or if you can’t make it anymore please let us know ASAP. This is why we stick to strict deadlines, but I promise we are super lovely so if you’re unable to pay for a few days after the deadline, just talk to us <3

Shout about the event

Share, share, share!

We want our events to be as busy as possible and have marketing plans to ensure we’re doing our best. BUT your friends, fans and followers may not know about us – tell ‘em! We’re proud of each and every one of our makers & shakers and we’ll always shout about you. Return the favour <3

Be prepared

Markets are the friendliest space ever – everyone is in it together so if you forget a thing, don’t panic, someone will help! But do be prepared.

Here are my top tips on what to bring:

  • Your stock (duh!) Try and include a sub-£5 impulse buy if you can.

  • A cash float and tin/bum bag – I usually aim for £30 in £5 notes, pound coins and 50ps but this will depend on your pricing.

  • A card reader. You may not want to invest immediately, but I noticed my sales increase as soon as I could take card at markets. I use iZettle and really recommend it.

  • A table cloth. Because most portable tables are uuuugly.

  • A table and chair(s) if not being provided for you – always check!

  • A thoughtful display set up. I recommend building height, not being too cluttered and making sure you have your prices obviously on display – us Brits hate asking for a price!

  • Blu tac, scissors, string, cable ties, lint roller – you may not need all of these but they can definitely come in handy!

  • Something to do! Not only does this help pass time, it can stop you awkwardly staring at customers, and if it is related to what you’re selling it can be a great marketing tool. I sell embroidered stuff and always sew at my stall – people always stop to ask me questions about what I’m doing.

  • If you’re outside, check if you need your own gazebo. Bring gazebo weights! Even if it isn’t windy, you will want to make sure you are weighed down – those things can fly if they’re not pegged down, and often you’re not able to use the guy ropes (hello concrete!). Weights are relatively inexpensive, and can be filled with sand (heavier and better) or water (more convenient).

  • A notebook and pen. I find it helpful to write down exactly what variations of products I’ve sold. You might also need to take down details from someone interested in a custom order.

  • Paper bags and branded stickers to put on them.

  • Business cards – not everyone will buy on the day, but might want to check you out later.

  • Water and snacks. Babes have gotta stay hydrated.

On the day

Make sure you know where to load in and park.

Arrive early and allow plenty of time to set up.

Say hello to the event organisers (Amber and I are super friendly, promise) and ask if you have any questions.

Make friends with your neighbours! I have made some wonderful friendships from chatting to other stall holders, and it helps past the time.

Share updates on social media. At a Fierce Babe market if you tag us, we will repost your Instagram Story.

Don’t pack up until the end and make sure you have tidied everything away (please!)


Send us your feedback, we want to be the best we can so please share your thoughts.

Post on social media so that if you picked up new followers, they’re reminded of why they loved you.

Have a pint, a take away and a nap!

If you think I’ve missed any top tips out, let me know!



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