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Tips On Applying For Markets

So, you want to apply for a craft or maker's market? Whilst I can’t specify what all markets are looking for, I have been curating the Fierce Babe Markets since they started in 2016.

We have lots of people apply each time we open our metaphorical doors, but I have also heard that people who haven’t done markets before don’t apply, because they think we wouldn’t select them as they’re new to the market world. Everyone starts somewhere and at Fierce Babes we pride ourselves on the diversity of our makers, with people travelling from all over England to have a stall. Every application is considered equally, but we do have a clear idea on what we are looking for. With this in mind, Sara and I have written our top tips for applying for a Fierce Babe Market.

1. For Fierce Babe Markets, you must be female, someone who identifies as female, non-binary or an ally

2. Your business must have public liability insurance to cover you on the day (this is essential, and we will need a copy)

3. We do not consider stalls who sell mass produced goods or MLM such as Tropic

4. Ensure your social media and/or Etsy is up to date and it is easy for us to see what you intend to sell

5. Ensure the links provided work

6. Provide clear and professional photos of your products. If chosen, we use these on social media so these need to really sell what you do, and we need to be able to download them. Please don’t just link to your Instagram, we can’t save from there.

7. Quality is important - think about your branding and the message that your business gives. If you have a clear identity and it aligns with ours, this is a real plus.

8. Look through our Instagram at the kind of stall holders we have chosen in the past. Although not a requirement, we do know who we are as a market and feel we have a strong identity. If you have a new exciting product or concept, then please still get in touch.

9. Reply and confirm your spot ASAP, even if you can’t pay immediately. No one likes being left out in the cold!

10. If you have reservations or concerns after we have selected you, talk to us. If you are concerned about having a stall, we can try and help and usually find a solution to whatever is holding you back. But please don’t just ghost us – we’d much rather know there is a problem and help in advance.

11. Shout about us! We will always share each maker’s work on our social channels – please return the favour.

12. Don’t let a rejection knock your confidence. We usually get 4 or 5 times the applications we have space for. Sadly, we don’t have time to offer individual feedback (this is not our full-time job!) but keep in mind we try to keep our markets fresh, so do keep applying.

We really believe in our markets and all the makers we have had along so far. We get such overwhelming feedback about how inclusive and fun they are, and it makes us so, so proud.

We will be writing another part to this blog post with tips for having a stall if you’re selected. Watch this space…!

Applications for Autumn / Winter 2019 markets are open until 21 July. Apply here.

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