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Get to Know Us

First thing first! The first Fierce Babes Facebook group originated from Leeds and it was with the original Fierce B.A.B.E’s permission the Norwich division was created. We started to find our feet in our FB group but some of the first members didn't fully get our ethos, so we swiftly moved and created theeeeeee most amazing group of humans. Our closed Facebook group is supportive, kind, inclusive and filled with people dedicated to fighting for equality and the best for others.

We started the Fierce Babe Markets in 2016, inspired by our talented group members, which has become something of an institution (if we do say so ourselves)! Makers are hand-picked, and we champion new artists who are making their mark in the creative world - for us it is simply all about quality not quantity.

About Us: TeamMember

I started the group in 2015 after being inspired by the Leeds group and the vision that Fierce Babes was the kind of modern-day feminist group that I needed and wanted to be part of. I was still finding myself in this quite often intimidating world of feminism. Now I am happy to describe myself as a full-time feminist and feel like it is my calling to try to and fight for equality for EVERYONE!


Being part of the group has shaped my personal and professional life and I’ve made lifelong friends who are as passionate as me about social and cultural issues. 


I’m in my first year of a counselling degree - my dream is to start my own charity offering a range of low cost counselling services for people who have been effected by certain traumas, but who knows, I’m trying to enjoy the process of getting there as much as the lure of the end goal!


Amber recruited me to help her with all things Fierce Babe in spring 2018 and I am so glad she did! I’ve been a member of the Facebook group for years and it has become my safe space to share, vent and celebrate - I really love the group, it’s vibe and all of the people who are a part of it.


I also run my own business - Pixels & Purls - where I teach craft workshops, lead craft parties and sell girl power inspired hand embroidery kits. The Fierce Babe Market was the first place I ever sold my wares and the encouragement and support of the group has helped and encouraged me to grow my business.


I will always advocate for girl power, equality, inclusiveness and LGBT rights. When I stumble across spare time, I enjoy stomping to songs, any type of crafting, gal pals and hanging out with my cat Bella





Hi, I’m Lex, I’m 33 and I was recruited into FBN by Amber and Sara at the beginning of 2021!


I’m a freelance writer and have long been an activist and volunteer, working with my local Pride network, a street soup kitchen, local foodbanks, local hygiene poverty causes and a whole bunch of charities.


I’m Mum to a human toddler and a Staffordshire Bull Toddler and run a no-bullshit parenting website called that celebrates brilliant and honest parenting from parents and carers from a whole variety of backgrounds.


I like to run, to write and I spend a loooot of time reading and listening to books. I run the Raising Fierce Babes group and am always after new members so if you work with or find yourself spending a lot of time with kids, come and join!

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