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Lee's Top Surgery Fund

Lee Brown has written our first guest post about his experience as a transgender guy and top surgery fundraising. Please read, share and donate if you can ❤

It feels odd writing a blog post about having my breasts removed when I think breasts are GREAT. Well, every pair but mine. If you want to be proud of your boobs, so you should be. Everyone should have the opportunity to love themselves and be proud of themselves. That’s something I have trouble with, and sadly have to raise money in order to do.

Back story – my name is Lee, and I’m a transgender guy from Norwich who studies at UEA and works in a well known, great smelling store. Writing this I’ve been on testosterone for 11 months, something I waited many years for. Though this helping my outsides match my insides, I still get daily dysphoria and misgendering thanks to having additional curvy bits. This really messes with my mental health, even though I have loving and supportive people surrounding me. In order to remove my breast tissue I’ll need top surgery, and though I can have this via the NHS I need two specialists to refer me for the operation. I have one signature, I now have to wait likely another 6 months for the other, and then I’ll be put on the waiting list. Understandably, this is a long and excruciating wait!

I’m therefore taking the matter into my own hands. With help from my partner and friends I’ll have an Etsy store up and running (preview @totakeyourtittiesoff on Instagram) of a variety of goods to contribute to private surgery. I’ve also recently made my own t-shirts which have sold really well! Most importantly I also have my GoFundMe which shows exactly how costly private surgery is - £7000. If I can raise this soon, I can potentially have surgery this year rather than late next year. Should a miracle happen and I move swiftly through the NHS services, then any money I raise will be donated to an LGBT+ charity, such as Mermaids.

I’d be absolutely thrilled if anyone would be willing to help me out. Even a share of my details is a massive help, as I know not everyone can afford to donate.

Thank you for reading, and have a lovely day!

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