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Fierce Babe Loves... Local Indies

With lockdown finally easing tomorrow and some parts of normal life creeping back in, we thought we would share some of the local business that we can’t wait to visit now we can venture out into Norwich a little more! We love supporting local, independent businesses and these are just some of faves – feel free to add your recommendations in the comments 💕

FYI – none of these businesses have paid or asked to be featured, these are genuine recommendations. We (obviously) would also like to remind you to follow social distancing guidelines, wear your mask and keep everyone safe.

OK let’s go!


I’m not going to lie; winter has killed off a big part of my plant collection so one of my first stops will be Leslie Terrance Home Gift and Garden at their new(ish) location on Magdalen Road, ready to replace my now deceased green friends (RIP). There are a few plant shops in Noz, but Kerri at Leslie Terrance always provides the best advice and service. Plus, they now have an on-site café, so even more reason to visit!


We are so excited to visit our Fierce Babe faves at Cupcake & Co again! Anne and her team make the best cakes, including vegan and gluten free options, and always provide such a warm, welcoming atmosphere. If you need a sweet treat, savoury pick-me-up or a cuppa, pop to Upper St Giles to see them.

Instagram: @cupcakeandco_


I think the thing I am looking forward to the most is having a proper pint in an actual pub! The Black Horse on Earlham Road reopens on Thursday 15th April and I am seriously looking forward to parking my bum on a bench in their generous garden with some friends, beer and food. Their lockdown takeaways have been SO good, just imagine actually being there for fresh pints! I’ve always received such great, friendly service there and I can’t wait to be back.

No need to book, there’s plenty of room so just turn up!

Instagram: @the_black_horse


Norwich has so many great options for indie coffee shops and roasters, but my favourite by far is Smokey Barn, located on King Street (near The Waterfront). Small batch roastery and coffee shop Smokey Barn is run by sisters Sophie and Megan Roberts who roast your coffee fresh to order and stock a selection of Rainforest Alliance & Organic coffee. Their ethics are as good as their coffee, keeping sustainability and inclusivity and at their core – guilt free coffee to go, or beans to take home. Ideal.

Instagram: @smokeybarncoffee


Nestled in the Norwich Lanes, Elm is my go-to for homeware and gifts. Thoughtful, stylish and untypical, Elm is packed with beautiful ceramics, plants, stationery and homewares. Opened by local ceramicist Paige Mitchell in 2017, the shop has gone strength to strength – I’m sure you’re all aware of it, but just in case you’re not – add it to your “must visit” list!

Instagram: @elm.norwich


Tipsy Vegan played host to many a Fierce Babe official business meeting (ahem) back in the days when such things were allowed, so naturally we’re all excited to return! I often dream about their buttermilk burger, washed down with a delicious cocktail, whilst Amber and I try to look very busy and important… And now we have Lex on board to join us, too!

Tipsy Vegan is re-open for dining in from May 17th, but in the meantime, you can enjoy their takeout and outside table service.


If you’re looking to joosh up your nails, then our very own Fierce Babe Amber’s nail studio is reopening from the 12th. Amber doesn’t know I’m writing this, but she offers a warm, welcoming, inclusive space to spice up your nails with some gel art, and only uses vegan products. I’ve never looked back since becoming her client (before we were pals), so if you’re after some modern, ethical nails – get on it. Bookings are open now!

Instagram: @popbeautynorwich


I have reaaaally missed charity shopping and we’re lucky enough to have a decent array to choose from in Norwich. My first choice is usually Sue Ryder Vintage & Retro on Bridewell Alley, who offer clothes, bric-a-brac, records, books and more with a much more curated vibe than other charity shops. Plus, not only are you helping the planet (and your bank balance!) by shopping second hand, but your purchases also go towards helping Sue Ryder provide palliative, neurological and bereavement care and support.


Norwich’s very own skater-owned skate shop, Drug Store, has moved in with the best barbers in the city and it sounds like a match made in heaven. Babes that need a trim can now stop by Coterie - who offer a safe, inclusive environment for all genders - and then pop upstairs to shop for our fine city’s finest skateboarding wares.

If you’re after a hair salon rather than a barber shop, check out The Moss Project or Flint.


I couldn’t write about small businesses in Norwich without including our amazing market, obviously. Norwich Market has had a glow up in recent years and is now full of delish food and drink options, a lot of which have been open (legally) for most of lockdown. I’m personally very excited to grab some chips from Lucy’s – not many chippies cater to vegetarians and vegans, so some fluffy spuds cooked in vegetable oil are a welcome and delicious treat.

In other veggie/vegan dining news, Cocina Mia have just started serving vegan cheese deep fried empanadas! This authentic Chilean street food stall is run by Ana Bridgman and her family and was always a go-to in my former meat-eating life. Absolutely can’t wait to try their new vegan friendly dish!

There are loads of stalls to discover on Norwich Market but my final mention is for newcomers Duro Food, who starter their business after owners Mufu and Tola Durowoju moved to Norwich from London three years ago and found it difficult to shop for authentic African food. They’re selling fresh veg, snacks, spices, seasonings and more from stall 179, which all sounds like a great addition to the thriving marketplace!


That’s it! We could mention so many other businesses as we’re so lucky to have such a thriving independent and boutique scene in Norwich, but we’d be here all day! Let us know who’s first on your visit list!

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